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Floë Automated Induratec 636 12V Drainage System

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Please note that this product has received great reviews and pre-orders have been strong through Christmas and January. We are trying to keep up with demand, but stock is limited. Orders are placed in a first come first served queue, so please make time allowances if ordering for the new season. Thank you.

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It is suitable for draining down and winterizing a Touring Caravan, Motorhome or Boat in approximately 2 minutes. Because it's so quick and convenient, this enables you to drain your own property, when and as often as you like, taking the worry out of when to drain. Also, you'll never have to pay anyone to do it for you, while allowing you the benefit of using your property throughout the winter months, draining quickly when you leave.

In addition, Floë will clean the inside of the pipes of bacterial buildup to 99.95%. Floë is easily fitted to the property, but can be easily removed again, should you change your property.

To drain down with Floe 636, the only thing the owner needs to do is, drain the water heater, switch Floë on and then start opening and draining taps (faucets), showers and toilets. Everything is now operated from the inside the property, comfortably in the warmth. With its own PCB brain and clever compressor, Floe will automatically stop at the correct pressure and restart automatically after each outlet is drained. Better yet, Floë has been carefully designed to be able to be removed again without trace, so should you change your property, you are free to take Floë with you.

For the first time in the Leisure Industry, aside from security systems, you are now guaranteed reduced insurance premiums, if you fit and use Floë Induratec. Details of our Insurance affiliates can be found on the website.

Apt Innovations very much appreciate the continued support from customers. In return we would like to thank you by offering a little incentive scheme. When you order your new Floë Induratec unit, you will find a serial number which you will use to register for your five year warranty. Should you have a friend or family member who wishes to purchase their own floe, please feel free to give them your serial number, so they may enter this as a discount code, unique to you. By doing so, they will enjoy a 10% discount and by way of thanks, we will send you a £5 Marks and Spencers voucher, for each new customer you send our way. Thank you.

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Weight: 850gms
Dimensions: 20x17x6cms

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